Refresher Courses for Drivers in Suffolk & Norfolk  

Brush up your driving skills with FUN ON WHEELS UK Driving School Bury St Edmunds

Bury St Edmunds driving school FUN ON WHEELS UK offers driving refresher courses in Suffolk for all ages and abilities.  We offer a wide range of driving assessment and refresher courses for existing drivers including:

•    Simple assessment drives
•    Help for anxious drivers 
•    Support for people who haven’t driven for a long time
•    Courses for older drivers
•    Specific driving skills and driving techniques eg. towing a caravan; trailer towing; parking.


Think you can drive? All drivers have scope to improve.

Everyone develops their own driving style and habits over time – and all too often, we just don’t realise (or accept) that there’s room for improvement.

For more than 30 million people in the UK, driving a car is for personal, family and work life. Collectively, we drive about 2.5 billion miles / year. Driving on the road can be enjoyable and pleasant - but it can also be stressful and dangerous.

UK car drivers alone are involved in 100,000 + crashes each year, resulting in +/- 2,600 deaths; 26,000 people sustaining serious injuries; 250,000 people with slight injuries. Tens of thousands more are taken to hospital, treated by first aiders or by GPs through unreported crashes.

The facts are undeniably hard-hitting, but it’s not always the driver who is at fault. What that underlines is that an ability to anticipate and cope with the mistakes and misbehaviour of other people is just as important as our own driving skills and attitudes. 

Give the gift of being a good driver to the ones you love

We all have a duty to drive responsibly, but better driving skills can undoubtedly help save lives, as well as saving you money along the way. Advance your driving skills and there's extra peace of mind there, both for yourself and your family. 

Do you now need to drive with little ones in the car? That can present even an experienced driver with a new challenge. Driving with a roof box or with bikes attached to the back can make the vehicle you’ve been driving for years respond differently - and towing a trailer or caravan can be a whole new experience altogether - it may even require passing a specific B & E trailer towing driving test to tow legally. 

Once you have passed your test, a ‘black box’ technology fitted to your vehicle through your insurer may help you to focus on good driving skills by being rewarded with cost-savings on your insurance policy. Developing up a decent no-claims bonus is a cost-saving goal for all drivers. 


If you need some specific driving tips or driver coaching time with a qualified and experienced motoring mentor to break bad habits and boost your driving confidence in a particular area, FUN ON WHEELS UK can tailor one-off driving lessons and full refresher courses to your requirements.

Go on - weed out the worry and put the fun back in driving today. 

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